Friday, July 06, 2007

So, anyway...

I had to pick up a new pair of reading glasses at B&N last night because my usual pair needs a screw replaced and I need to be able to see to replace the screw!

Turned out, they're having a promotion - buy 1 pair and get the second pair for half. As I've been needing a spare anyway, I took advantage of the offer and brought home 2 pairs.

Neither of which I like nearly as well as my old ones. I'm still hoping to get that screw replaced because I love the frames.

I do try to go without reading glasses as often as possible - especially when I'm on break. And I try to do my eye exercises every day - just the way my vision therapist showed me.

The truth is that wearing any sort of glasses makes my eye muscles lazy and, hence, the accommodation problem worse. So, the less I wear reading glasses the better.

But, sometimes it is danged good to be able to see -

- like.........

.......... when I need to replace the very tiny screw in my reading glasses!


knittin gin said...

Hehe. Can't your DH help with that?

JennySlash said...

Who do you think ultimately fixed them?

He has many years of practice, I suppose.