Sunday, September 30, 2007

So, anyway....

So far, it's been a bear of a semester.

Looks like the next few months aren't going to get any easier.

I'm sorry to have just dropped off the map like that but my blogging is likely to remain sporatic until this class is over with.

Otherwise, all I'd be doing would be bitching about grad school.

I promise to try to keep that sort of thing to a minimum!
Please accept this picture of the view from my Mother-in-Law's deck as a token of apology.
(Caution - it's a fairly huge file!)


knittin gin said...

Beautiful picture! Keep that handy for when you need those "Aaahhh" moments throughout the semester.

You make me feel so lucky I'm doing something like retail at Thanksgiving and Christmas to keep me busy this fall.

JennySlash said...

Oh, there are times when I'd simply love to drop this whole mess and return to the halcyon days when all I had to worry about were sore feet, aching back and needy customers.

Most semesters, I have a really great time and I am able to become thoroughly engrossed in the work. This semester, it's all I can do to get the assignments turned in on time.