Friday, December 28, 2007

The Fourth Day of Christmas

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season!

Christmas at chez nous brought with it the traditional Crud Attack.

This year's recipient was TonyP - the man who had tempted Fate at WDW by declaring that (for once) neither of us had gotten sick during our trip to Disney.

The Crud Attack hit him the day after our return.


The week before Christmas is supposed to be a fairly quiet one at WDW but it was actually pretty busy, when we were there. Evidently, the poor performance of our dollar is attracting a lot of foreign vacationers - as well as encouraging folks in the US to vacation in-country.

If you've never been to WDW around the Holidays, it's really something to see. The decorations and floral arrangements are wonderful and there are large gingerbread displays at all of the resorts. There are carols playing over the speakers and the lights and trimmings are perfect.

Well, maybe a bit too perfect. Because this is Disney, after all. And scores of designers have been working on this for months.

I had a great time and it was a wonderful experience but I'm not sure if I'd do it again because - nice as it is - I can't get my head around palm trees at Christmas!

Not that I personally associate Christmas with snow. When I was a kid, it was generally damp and dismal at Christmas. When I was little, that kinda sucked. We didn't get Currier & Ives; we got red mud with occasional snowy patches by Epiphany.

Of course, since we're currently in the midst of a big, honkin' drought, all of that grey damp and dismal rain seems like a blessing. This afternoon, I was pleased to notice some small puddles of water standing in low-lying areas so the wild critters are getting a bit of a break. It rained buckets on the day after Christmas.

(That's Boxing Day to my Brit and Canadian friends. Here, it's Trying-to-Find-a-New-Coat-at-Macy's Day.)

So, as 2007 winds down and we're all polishing off our gifts from A Southern Season, I want to wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season, the Best-est New Year imaginable and rain - if you need it!

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