Thursday, December 13, 2007

So, anyway....

I have this pair of washed-out black jeans that I bought at the GAP last year. They're not uber black but they've got straight legs, they're the right length and they fit reasonably well. They actually fit right on my hip bones so that I'm not having to pull at them all the time (a gesture that sort of ruins the overall stylish impression one hopes to convey by wearing stright-legged, black jeans, in the first place). They are the kind of jeans that a gal can build an entire season's wardrobe around.

So, anyway....last Saturday, I was out doing a little Holiday shopping and went into SteinMart to see what else I could find to wear with my wonderful jeans when I suddenly felt the urge to pull my pants up a bit because I could feel a bit of a breeze where NO breeze should be.

That was when I realized that the chain-stitching holding the waistband to the rest of the jeans had come undone and the entire seam was slipping out as quickly as the stitching zips right out of a bag of charcoal briquettes!

I gauged the extent of the damage in the nearest mirror and found that more than half of the stitching had come undone and the only thing holding the jeans to the waistband were the belt loops.

To make matters even more interesting, I was kinda stuck at the shopping center until TonyP returned with the car from doing HIS shopping. I had to sort of keep one hand on the jeans at all times which - I'm certain - HAD to have looked pretty danged suspicious to sales associates. ("No, Ma'am. I'm not hiding any merchandise. My hand is in my pocket to keep my jeans from falling down!")

What I couldn't help but wonder was why anyone would chain-stitch a waistband onto a pair of jeans but, as it turns out, nearly all of my jeans have the same type of stitching. Why this hasn't happened to me before this is a mystery.

I have managed a temporary repair that should get me through the next couple weeks. But, after Christmas, I really want to take some stronger thread and go over that stitching one more time!

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