Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yes, Folks –

She’s taught herself to knit, by gum!

Well….only just. Barely.

But, a cell cozy, GPS cozy, pair of legwarmers and a Valentine’s prezzie ( scarf for TonyP) makes it pretty much official.

Previous forays into the land of English knitting were frustrating failures. Back in the 70s, there was a short sortie into Continental knitting that was a bit more encouraging. Ultimately, however, it proved just as fruitless.

Not that it really bothered me because I can crochet like nobody’s business. So, I’ve been quite content to admire the work of knitting friends (such as the oh-so-talented Knittin-Gin) without feeling any urge, whatsoever, to make any more attempts at the craft.

So, anyway….last month, I realized three things: 1) TonyP really wanted me to make him something, 2) He prefers knitted articles to crocheted (considers them more appropriate for a guy), 3) my ankles were cold.

Since I was in need of a pair of legwarmers (and crocheting them is tedious beyond belief!) I hied me hence to Fabric & Crap for some ballet pink yarn and bamboo knitting needles. Once home, I practiced with some seriously ugly practice-yarn-with-no-bounce-left-in-it and managed to fumble about until I had completed cozies for my cell phone and the family GPS.

Stylistically, my knitting style lacks provenance. It’s some bass-ackwards fusion of English and Continental, with the yarn held the way I do when I crochet. I wouldn’t dare knit in public, for fear of shocking the more knit-lit but it’s a method that works for me.

The legwarmers worked up very quickly. Encouraged, I purchased yarn for TonyP’s scarf and had it finished and blocked before Valentine’s Day!

My goals for knitting are humble. Generally speaking, I have entirely too many complicated, major projects so any knitting objectives need to be achievable, affordable and not overly ambitious.

I call my current project “Carolina Springtime” because the SWS variegated yarn in “natural pink” reminds me of the dogwoods and azaleas that grace North Carolina each Spring. It is a simple pullover inspired by a 1970s design in Make It with Mademoiselle (1977). My version is only a rough approximation because I am using a singled strand of variegated yarn, unlike the double strand of solid yarn called for in the original design. Similarly, the needle size is different and I opted for a slightly looser stitch. As the design is basically just four rectangles, I’m simply making up panels to the same dimensions as in the original and I want to take advantage of the natural curl at the edges.

Come to think of it…..the sweater would work up just as well in crochet!
( Above and Right: Current "Carolina Springtime" project in Patons SWS, "Natural Pink".)


spuffyduds said...

Oh, YAY!!! You have been assimilated!

JennySlash said...

I was wondering how long it would take you to see this!!!!!

Alexandra said...

My God, someone besides me owns the Mademoiselle book? *faints*

JennySlash said...

This is actually my second copy. The first went missing in the mid-80s, which was sad because it was one of the most useful books I'd ever owned!

I recently located a replacement copy via Alibris. When it arrived, I was surprised to find a tear-sheet from a magazine tucked inside that looks suspiciously like one I used as a bookmark.

I have the oddest feeling that this actually IS my original copy.

Alexandra said...

I've had that happen before. My childhood copy of Ballet Shoes, with the scar on the cover, mysteriously made its way back to me.

Kathy said...

I made my way over here from Wardrobe Refashion to get more details on Carolina Springtime. I love that color of SWS - I think it's going to be a fantastic sweater! Can't wait to see more of it!

knittin-gin said...

Oh! Oh! I can't believe I'm just seeing this! You're knitting! Ha! I knew it was just a matter of time!

That yarn is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished sweater. Love to see that book sometime too.

Thank you for the lovely compliment, by the way. I'd love to take some of the credit for converting you!

JennySlash said...

Kathy~ thanks for dropping by! I haven't been able to work on it for the last few days (cuz of the sniffles) but I promise to post more pictures - even if the sweater turns out badly!!

KnittinGin~ Your work is in a class by itself! Yes, you have inspired me to give knitting another chance.

knittin-gin said...

Okay so, blushing now...I hardly know what to say. So many people out there on the internet have inspired me, so I'm happy if I can do the same for anyone else and thrilled to be able to inspire you! Really, thank you jennyslash! You've made my day!