Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter at the Arboretum

In case you haven't noticed, Spring appears to be underway!

On Easter, TonyP and I wandered over to campus to see how far along the plants and flowers were. We were quite delighted to see a lot of things in bloom - some early and some a bit late. It makes for a delightful mix.

Here's a short walk down the paths of the arboretum - a little touch of Spring to brighten up your day!

That particular saucer magnolia is a rather unassuming tree but blooms with exuberance.

If you care for hellabores, take a seat and rest a while. Hellabores seem to be quite a favourite at this arboretum and there are quite a few varieties.

This flowering quince does, in fact, have blossoms ranging from deep pink to almost-white on the same branches.

I was a bit surprised to see the irises, as mine have yet to send up spikes. We noticed irises blooming in Durham, a couple of weeks ago! I think that the warmth of the pavement and buildings speed them up quite a bit.

Talk about early! There are several of these azaleas that are in full bloom! Most of the ones downtown are budding or just starting to open. (At my house, what azaleas have not been devoured by deer are still barely budding.)


knittin-gin said...

Thanks for the little taste of Spring! I just love this time of year, except for the layers of green pollen. Aren't we overdue for that?

JennySlash said...

Well, TonyP has started sniffling - so I think it's about that time!!