Monday, March 10, 2008


This blouse is a test of New Look 6598, size 12. The fabric is a Cranston print based on a Mary Englebreit design and was purchased at Walmart, several years ago. Buttons are reclaimed from who-knows-where.

I've had this pattern for some time but hesitated to make it because I have had considerable difficulty fitting bodices and blouses, in the past.

This pattern features front and back darts and there is a narrow tie at the back to control fullness. It's really a very easy blouse to fit.

Being somewhat desperate for a reliable blouse pattern, I decided to make a muslin of it and I chose this fabric because I had purchased acres of the stuff for a quilt backing and never used it. The fabric is 100% cotton, so fairly easy to work with. Being black and an over-all print, alterations/mistakes would be less visible.

As it happens, the size 12 muslin fits me perfectly, as drawn. No alterations were needed but I did widen the blouse a bit near the bottom - to allow a smoother fit over jeans. I also made the side slits an inch longer because I thought the proportions looked better.

The main difficulty with this pattern was the neckline/collar facing. Try as I might, I have been unable to insert it in such a way as to get the thing to lie smoothly. I've tacked the facing down but I will probably need to draft my own facing pattern before I attempt to make this version of the blouse again!

Other than that, however, the blouse was a breeze!


knittin-gin said...

It looks great! I know what you mean, collar facings can be a bit problematic, depending on the pattern, fabric, interfacing, etc. I know you'll make it perfect though. It is really nice to have a "go to" blouse pattern.

JennySlash said...

I now have a reliable skirt pattern and this could turn into my reliable blouse pattern.

I hope to add a reliable dress pattern to the list.


knittin-gin said...

How about a reliable sweater pattern?

JennySlash said...

I have a reliable crochet pattern for a sleeveless top but I'm still looking for one for a long-sleeve top.

As far as knitting goes....I'm still at the experimental stage.

I'll be writng more about that SWS sweater in a few days.