Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Still Feeling All Floral

Mom purchased this fabric when she moved into her townhouse and used it to cover a small, round table in the bedroom. While the room is still done in lilac and lavender, she's dispensed with the table and decided she wanted to have the fabric converted into pillow shams.
My first step was to pull out the hem and stitching from the circular tablecloth. Then, I pressed everything and made up a pattern, based on the dimensions of the pillows. I used a formula from the House Beautiful Seasonal Guide to Decorating with Fabric (long out-of-print) and had to patch together pieces to make up the backs of the shams.
She's bringing the pillows over, later this week, to try them out. I left myself a bit of room to alter the shams, if necessary. But there's almost no fabric left over so - if I have to make adjustments - it'll be tight!


knittin-gin said...

What a handy looking book! You've really been project-girl lately!

JennySlash said...

Mom dropped off a load of sewing she wanted done. She needs cataract surgery and doesn't see well enough to sew, just now. When she found out that I was out of class until Summer Session, she thought I might have the time to help her out.