Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Yes, It Is March & Yes, That's A Poinsettia

This year, I'm going to try to carry over the poinsettia we bought for Christmas.
It all starts with me cutting it back some time in March.
Seems a shame to do it, since the brachts are still quite pretty.
But, it looks a bit too Christmas-y
And it is March, after all.


knittin-gin said...

So it's March. I think I'd try to enjoy it a little longer before cutting it back just yet. It still looks so pretty!

JennySlash said...

I'll probably wait another week - because I'd like to put it outside and it looks like we still might have a couple of nights below freezing.

There's a second, small, pink poinsettia over my desk that has not fared as well and I'm hoping that pruning, potting-up and fertilizing will allow me to carry it through.

I really detest schlepping plants in & out of the house every couple of days so I'm planning on shooing all of 'em out the door next week!