Monday, April 28, 2008

A Little Vintage ReVamp

I love doing crochet and this project melds bits from two periods of my crocheting history.
The base for this clutch is a placemat project that I did in 1977. I had planned on making a set but only ever made the one and used it under centerpieces or on the dressing table. The work was damaged during a particularly dreadful move, during which the movers used my collection of handwork and vintage linens to wrap a closet full of corrosive chemicals.

I've been thinking of using this particular piece to make a clutch for some time and finally pulled things together last week.

The clutch is lined with unbleached cotton and the Irish Crochet flowers were worked during my stay in Chicago, during the spring of 2006.

(In case you're wondering, the Battenberg Lace in the background is a small photo album that I decorated with odd bits of ribbon and things about 15 years ago. The vintage train case in the picture was mine when I was a little girl and I carried it on train trips between North Carolina and Minnesota.)


ginny said...

You are so talented! You're one of those people that can pretty much do any kind of craft/artwork aren't you? It's not just that your stitches are perfect, but you found the perfect use for your damaged piece (stupid, stupid movers.) I just love the vintage feel of it.

JennySlash said...

Thank you! You're so very kind. Compliments from a needlewoman such as yourself are greatly treasured!

I adore working with my hands and I had the great good fortune to have a lot of very talented family members who were generous enough to show me how to do something and patient enough to let me practise on my own.

Fortunately, I still enjoy acquiring new skills and there are very many things that I would love to try my hand at, including metal work and welding.

Ginny said...

Cool! I've always thought I'd like to try my hand at stained glass some day (when time and money are no longer an issue, you know, when I win the lottery, and don't have to work...)