Monday, April 21, 2008


Whilst at Roulette Vintage, spotted these lovely sling-backs!

I don't generally buy vintage footwear but these were not only in stellar condition but they fit me!

Speaking of stellar.....

According to the woman at Roulette, the shoes once belonged to a 1940s movie star but she didn't remember who!

Most of the female stars of that era were quite diminutive so the list of candidates who might have owned these 9B (US) heels is not an extensive one.

The shoes are light beige with black patent tips that suggest they were designed to make the wearer's foot look at least a size smaller than it was.

It's a shame that these shoes lack provenance. But, if I have to guess, I'd look for an actress who was tall - at least 5' 8", so she might have modeled. She was probably a bit insecure about the size of her feet. The shoes are Italian-made but purchased from a store in NYC. Maybe she was a New Yorker.
While I'll never know who their original owner was I do have my own guess.


ginny said...

Oooh Italian leather! The stitches are so tiny - they look like they were meticulously crafted. I'll bet they're comfy too.

So who do you think they might have belonged to?

JennySlash said...

Well....I like to imagine that they once belonged to Lauren Bacall.

Not only was she considered tall by the standards of the film industry (5'8") but I have read that she thought her feet large for her height. She has also lived in NYC for many years.

Anyway, I think they look like something she'd wear!

ginny said...

Sounds like a reasonable guess. I can imagine her wearing something stylish (like these) and not overly flashy. What an interesting research project this would make...

Roulette Vintage said...

Hi, I'm the owner of Roulette who sold you the shoes, and I wish I knew who she was too! Here is the other info that I do know. She passed away in Greensboro, NC about 2 years ago. She was very tall, at least 5'8, maybe taller because all of her clothes we obtained were very long and very small. I would say 5'9 to 5'10. She also once dated and acted with Fred Astaire. This is what I heard. I really wish I was also told her name! Sorry I don't have more info.

:) Kara

JennySlash said...

Hmmm...Guess I'll have to keep digging, then.

Thanks for the information, Kara!

And the shoes are terrific!!

I can't wait to wear them.