Friday, May 02, 2008

So, anyway.....

....a few years ago, I got to thinking about how so much of my childhood was in black & white & shades of grey. Not only television and newspapers but family photos, as well.
Since then, I've been scanning and playing with photographs of myself, from that era. Some of the images have found their way into paintings but many (such as this one) remain digital.
Part of the process involves distancing myself from whatever memories I might have attached to a particular image or event and approaching the photograph with greater objectivity.
This particular one - entitled "Toothless" - shows me on the concrete pad of our breezeway and dressed in tunic and turned-up dungarees.
Squinting into the always!
That balletic motif tunic was rose-pink with black figures. The awful bangs were my mother's idea.
(What the hell was she thinking?)
Today happens to be a fairly important date on my calendar. A day set aside for me to think about my life and to celebrate it.
The black & white parts...half-tones...the faded sepia bits... the scary Kodachrome & Polaroid...the 3-color... the full Pantone range.....
...all of it.


Lex said...

Happy Birthday, jennyslash!

ginny said...

I remember those bangs....on me!

Perhaps the lesson to take away from looking at those old photos is, "You're not getting older, you're getting better!"

Or maybe it's just, "Don't let your mom be in charge of your hair style!"

JennySlash said...

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped to make my birthday so memorable!

As for the hairstyle.......