Saturday, September 13, 2008


I don't text.

Partly, that's because I've discovered that the texting feature for my mobile doesn't seem to work and it would take time that I do not have to get the situation remedied.

Mainly, however, it's because my nails are too long and my vision is entirely too poor!

I've decided that texting from my mobile would require me to wear one of those enormous magnifiers around my neck - the kind that your grannie probably uses when she does needlework. Not exactly a trendsetting accessory and nothing that I'd be caught dead wearing in public. Unless they make them in black.

As for the fingernails.... I understand why the fashion is for short, short nails. It's hard enough for me to enter the correct phone number - entering an entire message is perfectly ridiculous! I clearly wouldn't last 5 minutes as a contemporary twelve-year-old.

Hmmm.........What I really need is a personal assistant. Someone to text for me.

Must get working on that!

After my polish dries.

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