Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Big Badda-Boom

Last Friday, things kinda went haywire on the workstation.

I sorta went berserk, fearing that all of my grad school writing had been lost down a rabbit hole.

Cuz, to be perfectly honest, things weren't being backed up as systematically as they shoulda been. all.

Not that the subject hadn't come up - such as when my old laptop began to (quite literally) fall apart. Or when TonyP's sister lost her house to a fire and we began to obsess over what would happen if we were confronted by a similar disaster.

I just never followed up on any of it.

So, some things have been lost but a lot more turned out to be retrievable than we'd originally thought. And a lot more was salvageable from that fragile, antique laptop. The only writings that seem to have disappeared without a trace are the final versions of some of my poems.

But that's probably for the best.

A new computer is on its way and everything ought to be back to normal by the weekend.

Which is the real danger - that I shall become so complacent by the normalcy of it all that I'll forget those awful moments when it appeared that years of work had simply vanished.

Perhaps the loss of a few poems is a small price to pay, if it reminds me to take the time to back up my computer.