Friday, May 30, 2008


I've mentioned elsewhere that I purchased this vintage lovely on eBay.

It's a late 70s-early 80s cotton dress, of the sort that we used to call "Mexican wedding dresses" but they were quite often worn for less formal occasions - like going to concerts or the symphony - and by women of all ages. The basics of the style consisted of monochrome cotton, wide lace and lots of tucks but there were plenty of variations of the style. Some were white and some ivory. Some were embroidered. Some were flouncy and very ingenue. Some were sleek and sophisticated.

All of them were pricey, boutique items and way out of my budget, at the time - the time being Summer of 1980 and the place being New Mexico (and I was broke, between jobs, between apartments and soon to be between relationships).

In much more recent history, I started seeing variations on the style popping up in designer boutiques in Chicago, during the Spring of 2006. I even went so far as to try on a few but the reinterpretations tended to be a bit on the ingenue side. I decided not to invest in one of the new dresses but I still loved the basic elements of the style so I figured I'd keep my eyes open at vintage clothing stores and on eBay and try to snag a vintage dress that I might have glimpsed in a shop window in Santa Fe - some place just off the Plaza.

I didn't expect the dress to be in wearable condition and I certainly didn't imagine it would fit.

Wrong on both counts!
Now, all I need are tickets to the symphony.

So, Anyway.....

...We were in Colonial Williamsburg, a couple of weeks ago, and it just so happened to be during their annual Gardening Symposium - so the timing was perfect for a little photography!

Of course, I took thousands of digi-pics!

Editing them is a pleasant chore - but a chore, nonethess.

Here are a couple of floral shots.