Thursday, September 04, 2008


After spending a significant portion of this week clearing brush and hacking away at the undergrowth, I certainly hope that the lovely people who collect yard waste actually make it to our neighborhood before the winds pick up, on Friday morning.

Tuesday, I laid out the new lighting for the back yard and TonyP clipped the lights onto the power cord after work. (The instructions on the box said that no tools were needed but they neglected to mention that the clips can be awfully difficult to attach!) The lights certainly enhance the night-time view of that part of the yard and the result is quite charming. There's even a spotlight on St. Francis!

This was phase two of the lighting project. Phase 1 consisted of replacing the fairy lights on the back porch. Phase 3 will involve replacing the fairy lights in the jasmine arbor. It shouldn't take very long but - with a chance of an approaching tropical system - I'm content to leave that until later in the month!

By the way, I discovered that the drugstore at the local mall had an aisle of fairy lights ( what some readers will know as Christmas lights) in the middle of August!

God! How I love living in a college town!!