Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Do Not Cough Into The Same Hand That You Extend At The Peace!

Right-o, Folks....I've been down with a case of the sniffles.
Nothing much. Just annoying.
But it has prompted me to offer a few suggestions:

*I know that times are tough and everyone is petrified at the thought of missing a few days of work. But....showing up for work SICK doesn't make you look like a hero. It just spreads the viruses around. Thanks for sharing!

*This is especially true if one's job brings them into contact with the general public. I know (from years of personal experience) that retail sales associates and waits are on the front lines of exposure to whatever nastiness is currently burning through the local population. As a member of the local population, I would appreciate it if sick waits and salespeople were allowed by their managers to go home, without penalty.

*Wash your hands. Use soap. Use hot water. Wash your hands for as long as it takes to sing "The Alphabet Song" through twice (I learned this bit of advice from a former co-worker, who was also a teacher).

*To people who are responsible for the water temperature in workplace restrooms: Can't you possibly figure out how to get hot water to the bathroom faucets? Seriously, I've been waaaaaayyyy to many places where the hot water tap is non-functional. I understand the desire to reduce operating expenses but this is a matter of basic hygiene.

*Lastly, if you regularly attend a worship service, please be respectful of the rest of the congregation. Consider staying home. Or, if you are convinced that your professed Deity is really so petty that you'll be in eternal deep doo-doo for missing a service, at least take steps to minimize your impact on the health of the nice, fragile-looking elderly couple sitting next to you and their tiny, adorable great-grandchildren. OK? Consider not drinking from the common cup, for example.
And, for cryin' out loud, if you wipe your nose or cough into your hand, at least have the common decency to not use the same hand that you extend to share "The Lord's Peace" with your brethren and sisteren!!

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