Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back to Work!

OK; I know it isn't much. But hear me out.

I am experimenting with a very restricted palette and decided to work on some quick sketches. I have a few 6" x 8" Fredrix canvas boards that I use over and over again for acrylic painting exercises.

This week, I decided to experiment with an extremely limited palette: crimson, ultramarine blue, cadmium yellow, raw sienna and white.

The point of this experimentation is to achieve greater control of the colours while also exploring their potential.

I also spent several days out on the back porch, doing monochrome value studies, in watercolour and in pencil.

Getting back to work (after several years of writing and concentrating on theory) has been a bit of a struggle and there have quite a few of those "I'm crap at this!" days. However, I am finding it very useful to go back to the basics and to work through some of those basic exercises from college. If nothing else, it's therapeutic! I start out the day's work very self-conscious and frustrated and - after a few exercises - I suddenly forget that these are exercises and I become thoroughly engaged by the process.

It's like when a musician stops thinking about the notes and just plays the music or a dancer stops thinking about the steps and just dances.

It's intoxicating and liberating.

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