Thursday, January 08, 2009

2008: Year in Review

I have been looking through notes in my journal and paging through digi-pics from the past year and have decided that 2008 can best be characterized as a year devoted to Creativity: art, writing, music, dance, flowers, attending live performances and wrestling with computer-related problems. (All set against a backdrop of inflation, high gas prices and drought and the general election.)

Artwise: neither of us participated in any shows, in 2008, but we have done a considerable amount of photography. We have also taken the time to visit museums and galleries. The photo above was taken at the National Gallery in DC, when we were up there for Memorial Day Weekend. We also spent an August weekend in Alexandria, popping in at every art gallery we could in a single day. (Whew!)

Travelwise: TonyP finally got to Ireland. OK; it was for work and it was a short trip and it was only to Dublin. But...Hey! He got to Ireland!! (....I've never been to Ireland....>sulk<)

Aside from TonyP's trip to Dublin, most of our recent travel has been to Virginia and the DC area. We took a couple of trips up to Alexandria and DC. I also decided that I wanted to celebrate my birthday by spending a few days in Colonial Williamsburg, photographing flowers, etc. (Horses count as "etc".)

I've been doing rather a lot of writing and managed to attend two regional writing conferences. I'm not sure that attending those workshops actually make me a better writer but I do feel inspired and encouraged by attending them. (I could certainly use the same sort of thing to get me fired-up about my visual art!)

I'll soon be finishing up with Grad School and I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what I'll do with all of that free time that will suddenly confront me!

(For anyone that degree will be in Liberal Studies - because the University did not actually offer a program in Global Studies until this semester. Ah, well.)

We did get to the OBX for TonyP's birthday. He lost his shades while surf-kayaking while I sat on the deck of our rented condo and worked on a Human Rights paper.

(Note: Above photo does not accurately reflect the considerable amount of effort that I was putting into that Human Rights paper. Honest. I really was working!)

This is TonyP on his new-to-him motorcycle. This was the fortunate confluence of 1) the rise in the price of gasoline and 2) a friend of his having a bike to sell! (Yes, he does wear a helmet when he rides! We are very pro-helmet!! I snapped this while he was just scooting the scooter into the garage.) He had been between motorcycles quite long enough.

The oddly-formatted picture below is (of course) Yours Truly. (Sans makeup. So, don't enlarge the picture...m'kay?)

Live Performance-wise ( a partial list):a performance during the American Dance Festival, NC Jazz Rep Holiday Concert, NC Symphony Holiday Pops, Pressure Boys (reunion show on my birthday), Hege V, Southern Culture on the Skids, Squirrel Nut Zippers, She & Him, X, Playmakers Rep performance of Shakespeare's Pericles.

We also took dance lessons!!! TonyP decided that 2008 would be the year that we learned to Shag. (For my non-US readers, that does not mean what you think it means! Shagging is a regional popular dance form, associated with Carolina beaches, alcohol and really corny music. Consider it an indigenous art form.) We both love to dance but have always had to leave the dance floor when anyone started playing "beach music". TonyP does not like to leave the dance floor. So, we actually took lessons and - even if I do say so, myself - we got to be quite good at it!

Last on the Creativity list....Computer problems! If you haven't noticed, I've had plenty o' problems. My workstation crashed and burned; Vista gave me no end of laptop problems; the laptop fell victim to a malware attack and had to have its memory wiped; the workstation picked up some sort of virus, shortly thereafter. TonyP's IT talents have been pushed to the limit and - thanks to his hard work and creativity - all of the problems have resulted in comparatively little actual downtime. Big YAY!

I suppose that the greatest single change of the past year has been that TonyP got a CPAP machine - and I have been able to sleep for the first time in mumblety years! It's f****n' incredible!!!

So, anyway.....

....That's a brief recap of 2008.

We had Mom (below Left) and her fiance over for Christmas and then went to T's Mom's (below Right) to celebrate with his family-of-origin.

Happy New Year to All and a Fabulous 2009!