Monday, January 26, 2009

A Gala Saturday Night

TonyP snapped this pic of me with his Blackberry. (The poor cropping is my fault. Oops.) I'm sorry that I didn't get a photo of him in his tux but I don't know how to work the B'berry. Trust me....he looks scrumptious in a tux!
Last Tuesday's snowfall had forced postponement of a local Inaugural Gala until Saturday. We already had tix to see the Rosebuds, at Cat's Cradle, on the same night. That happens to me a lot: nothing interesting on my calendar for months on end and then a dozen things scheduled for the same day and I want to do all of them! We knew that it would make for a long evening but we decided to attend both events and I'm very glad that we did!
The Gala was a whole lot of fun and we got in at least five dances before we moved along. The band -" Fantasy-rock-hill-south-carolina", as the band's front man said it - was a fine R&B show band and the front man was an excellent mc, who managed to keep people on the dance floor better than most I've seen. It was a very good party!
Our next stop was Cat's Cradle, for the Rosebuds. A truly great show! Prior to that evening, I had only heard a couple of their songs. They have an interesting, eclectic sound and intriguing arrangements. Live, they were tremendous.
Although my feet were kinda' tired, at the end of the evening, I returned home feeling invigorated and not the least bit over-booked. So, I think that I'm now a little more inclined to take advantage of those days when there are a dozen fun and interesting things that I want to do. Rather than being frustrated and feeling like I have to pick just one, I can choose to do two or three, bring along a second pair of shoes and plan accordingly.
Besides...when you're wearing black, you can go pretty-much anywhere.