Monday, April 06, 2009

Almost Finished!

I'll be spending the next couple of weeks trying to finish up my work for grad school and preparing to celebrate my Master's degree.

At present, I am trying (rather unsuccessfully) to compose my "reflective essay". That means that I am trying to distill the last few years of study down to six pages that pull it all together. Thematically.

That's awfully difficult to do, without sounding like a complete flake.
I also have to finish some work on contemporary Latin American issues and write a paper on 20th Century World issues. >whew<
So, I'll be rather busy for a couple more weeks and my postings will be few. If you wish to be informed when this blog is updated, please add this blog to your feed.
Have a wonderful Whatever-Holiday-You-Observe and lovely early Spring/Autumn!

Creation Window, Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC