Thursday, September 09, 2010

So, anyway.....

.....This afternoon, I took some paintings over to Bloom, which is a home accents and garden accessories boutique in Chapel Hill's Southern Village.

There's a restaurant nearby and TonyP and I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Pazzo! before heading back home.

On our way to the car, we had to pass Bloom and I was delighted to see one of the paintings in the front window.

Truth is, I seldom have the opportunity to happen upon my work like that.

And it's quite interesting to see one of my paintings out in the world, all on its own.

Because our artwork has a life of its own - quite independent of us.

And there comes a point when we have to recognize that fact and step back - allowing the artwork to stand on its own.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Why I've Been (Largely) Absent

The past 12 months have been quite exciting and very busy!

Last Fall, I was half of a two-person show at Margaret's Cantina, in Chapel Hill. It was a fabulous opportunity for me to break out of the post-grad school fog and get back into the Studio! And the exposure was certainly a good thing.

In the Spring of this year, I took part in the Arts on the Green - in Chapel Hill's Southern Village.

In May, my acrylic paintings became available at Bloom, in Southern Village.

And, very soon, my work will also be available in Chatham County!

Details will be posted in a few days.

I have a new Facebook page - specifically for Studio-related updates and some general, Arts-related information.

So, if you'd like to stay informed about what's happening, please look at the Links, over on the right of this page and click on the Facebook link. Then, just click on "Like" to follow.

Now, I should probably get back to work!