Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Daily Practise

For the last year-plus, I have been struggling to develop a work schedule - one that sets aside time for both writing and artwork, while still making time for exercise, housework and recreation.

Not an easy request to honour.

The down-to-15-minute-increments schedule that I employed during Graduate School is far too intense to stick with for extended periods. While I still find it useful when I have a major project/deadline, there's not enough flexibility.

Not to mention that it's exhausting.

Of course, lack of any schedule whatsoever leaves me unfocused, adrift and very stressed. I find that I need a little structure and discipline in order to thrive. And I simply cannot function when I am distracted by chaos and disorder.

And so - yet again! - I am trying out a new work schedule.

One day a week has been set aside for writing.

Yes. One day.

All of you writers, out there, are probably scowling because we are told (in workshop after workshop) that it is absolutely essential to write DAILY.

Well, artists are told the same thing about DAILY drawing.

And trying to make time for DAILY writing, DAILY drawing, DAILY rest. DAILY exercise, DAILY chores and DAILY every-other-damn-thing can quickly turn into its own kind of chaos.

So, writing gets its own day.

This week, it's Tuesday.